05/22: Basic Q&A

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Posted by: mychilocline
What is Virtual Reality?
Virtual reality is a computer generated environment, often portrayed in movies such as the Lawnmower Man and the Matrix.

What is Augmented Reality?
In virtual reality we put you in a virtual environment. In augmented reality, we bring virtual objects into the real world – look there is a virtual object sitting on my desk.

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03/02: WELCOME!

Category: 1. Welcome
Posted by: mychilocline
Welcome to the Future of Virtual Reality with Mychilo Stephenson Cline

New technologies, such as virtual reality, promise to transform the world in which we live. What exciting new technologies are on the horizon? How do people act in virtual space? How will virtual reality lead to changes in our philosophy and worldview? And how does this inform public policy and design?

The purpose of this website is to address these questions. Or more generally, "Where are we headed? Where do we want to go? And how do we get there?" What does the future have in store for us? The answer is, in part, up to us.

We hope that you enjoy the website and look forward to hearing your comments and insights.

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